Photomodulation by led's

LED biostimulation is a stimulation of the mitochondria of our cells by a cold light (not producing heat like lasers). This is an action called photo-modulating and not photothermal like lasers. It's a photomodulation.

Painless and without side effects.  Stimulates and regenerates skin cells. Helps to partially reduce wrinkles, sagging skin and contribute to the improvement of skin texture and outward signs of aging of the Peel like its thinning, lack of tone or firmness and dull complexion.  Participates in the maintenance of the balance of the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

Led treatments  allow the return of the cellular integrity of mature and photo-aged fibroblasts by allowing them to regain their potential for collagen secretion. Similarly, LEDs can reduce the risk of pigmented rebound and brown spots after an inflammatory process (e.g. after a burn, peeling or laser...).

Blue light applications

– Achieve an anti-bacterial effect on the skin
– purifying and healing effect at the DermIS
– promote scarring, tensor, oxygenation and rehydration

Operation: the electromagnetic waves emitted by blue light will stimulate natural substances (porphyrins) present in cells that can play the role of cofactor linked to certain enzymes that will produce, by excitation of the emitted light, a very reactive oxygen type (Singlet oxygen) that reacts strongly to the hydrogen present in the cytoplasmic membrane of the cells. 

The mechanism generated is an increase in water within the cytoplasmic limit of the cell, which will cause a mechanism of hyper hydration and tissue compression expansion.

With a wavelength of 415 mm, the blue light has properties that help to calm the inflammation of the skin. Acne is caused mainly by acidic bacilli; Blue light destroys these bacteria without harming the tissues of the skin. In a short session, you will be able to reduce and cure acne and make blackheads disappear

Applications red light.

– Regeneration of collagen and elastin
– stimulation of blood circulation
– actions on wrinkles, scars, stretch marks (and thinning)
– tissue regeneration (activation of fibroblasts) and fibers elastic
– mild thermal action that stimulates anti-infectious defenses
– treatment of Red stretchmarks
– strong attenuation of white stretch marks
– tightens skin pores. ..

Operation: the electromagnetic waves emitted by the red light penetrate particularly well into the skin.  They stimulate the membrane of the mitochondria constituting the place of cell respiration, which has the function of regenerating the energy-producing molecule of the cell or ATP.  The combination of growth factors (ATP, DNA, RNA) increases cell activity and leads to cell repair, stimulation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes that synthesate collagen and elastin.

Applications light yellow orange.

– Improved blood circulation
– lymphatic drainage
– toning of the polishing muscles
– strengthens the surface of the skin
– help in case of wrinkles
– lightening of scars
– smoothes the skin...  

Functioning: it serves as a catalyst for the vast majority of cellular functions by proteins which are the essential elements of cell life.  By receiving the orange-yellow light, the enzymatic receptor releases ions that adhere immediately to the cytoplasmic membPhotomodulation by led's

Calm the redness. It improves blood and lymphatic circulation and thus has a draining, anti-edema effect.

The pulse cycles of the orange-yellow light allow stimulation of the receptors found in different tissues of muscle, adipose or other types.

Marceline Malenfant ND.A