hydrathermal massage bath


Body Wraps

Body scrub with exfoliating glove on heated bed, followed by the wrap mixture of your choice, and resting time. Ends with a shower.

Possibility to add the hydro-thermal massage bath to complete the experience.

  • Marine clay 75$

  • peat mud 75$

  • Moroccan 75$

  • Marine SEEWEED 75$

  • Cocoa 75$


Our hydro-thermo massage is a spacious air jet bath tub offering a massage that predisposes the body to a greater relaxation. This session combines three types of massages under one therapy: thermo-massage, hydro-massage and acupressure.

It is a combined action of heat, air and water on the body. All these three elements massage you energetically.

The several air jets, their position and the force of their propulsion produces a gushing that massages you. This acupressure effect generates a beneficial and physiological reaction chain whose effects are felt throughout your body. It helps reducing stress, relaxing muscles and eliminating toxins.

This solo and private hydro thermal session is offered in a closed relaxation room. Possible to combine with a massage or a body wrap.

  • 30 minutes 40$


  • ear Hygiene 30$

  • Eyelash Extensions 120$ For complete pose / 40$ for touch up

  • Eyelash or eyebrow tinting 19$